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“The experimental psychedelic thrash rap group’s performance is tight and they regularly bring the most people of any band on the bill of the shows they play...the three put on raucous and engaging shows that leave you breathless and possibly bloodied.”


"Nauticult brings metal and skittering paranoia to hiphop, guitar and drums and electronic space jams pushing along a surprisingly bottomless (bassless) sonic scheme. Lyrically, well, they move fast, but I can tell they like science fiction, and probably self-improvement as street philosophy."


"Brain-exploding Hip-Hop group, Nauticult, took the stage next. Blowing drumbeats and beautiful screaming got the crowd moshing so hard that I sustained a nosebleed within the first 6 minutes of their set. Between breaking canvases and breaking exercise trampolines no one could get enough of the three. Cutting vocals that echo in your mind, beats that course through your body, and eerie guitar riffs will keep you emotionally invested in their music."


"The whole rap-rock thing didn’t *have* to be a bad idea. It was more the execution, taking the dumbest, most obvious elements of both, that failed. It’s been long enough, and, as genre distinctions blur in general, more artists are taking a nuanced approach. Nauticult make music that’s glitchy, paranoid and energizing, with metallic guitars slicing through slick beats." 


Vocals/Efx - Austin Sankey

Drums/Sampling - Evan Fitzgerald

Guitar/Midi - Dylan Berry